Best car dash camera for your money

Getting a good dash cam can save you a lot of headaches especially when you are in need of an objective view of a driving incident or accident. Most dash cams come in many formats, and some are very expensive. There are hundreds of cams out there but getting a dash camera will save you a lot while giving you the best of your needs.

Two Dashcam

We have spent some time on the market and drove miles testing various dash cameras, and what they have to offer, and we ended with the low priced G1W.

With $50, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality car dash camera, the G1W. This cam is an excellent choice for those who are budget limited and need a security camera but without being too sensitive to the video quality. The camera has a very good video quality during the daytime. However, at night the quality may not be very attractive. The price of the G1W makes it a decent gadget that will offer reliable capture of what is happening in front of the vehicle.

What makes the G1W best car dash camera is the fact that it comes with an integrated 2.7-inch screen which can be easily adjusted in the field of view. The camera also has an on the spot playback video feature. The camera gives you a 120-degree viewing angle. The camera also has a G sensor technology and provides video mark when your car is hit.

The other reason why G1W is the best car dash camera of this season is the loop recording feature which gives you rest as you will not manually manage or keeps track of the video storage space. The camera records in 1080p full high density (HD). The videos are automatically saved in MOV format.

Our verdict

There may be other dash cameras on the market, but balancing the pocket and the value G1W gives you, then it qualifies to be our best car dash camera of the season.