Is the Canon T7i worth the upgrade?

If you are among the people who want to get into photography, one of the cameras you should consider when shopping is the Canon T7i. The camera falls in the Canon Rebel lineup and has been selling well due to the big name Canon has in the industry, the aggressive marketing, pricing, and the offered bundles. People believe that the Canon Rebel cameras are still in the entry level, but they offer great image quality. The Canon T7i is better than the camera your smartphone offers and has more capabilities.

Canon T7i

Design and specs

When buying a camera, you should go for one with helpful features. The Canon T7i provides a great sensor and better image processor and 24.2MP resolution. The entry image processor is the DIGIC 7 processor, which has been powering Canon’s PowerShot G7 X II camera – but the one on the Canon T7i is somehow different. It handles more information than the earlier DIGIC 6 offered with the T6I. Therefore, this camera can handle ISO noise in a better way. The new processor has also improved the autofocus performance.

Speaking of sensitivity, the ISO ranges between 100 and 25,600 – more than T6i’s 12,800 – and the user can extend it to 51,200 by selecting the custom setting. Canon also provides a 3.0 inches vari-angle touchscreen with 1,040,000-dot resolution.

The camera does not support 4K video, which might be a great disappointment. Availability of 4K videos is turning out to be the standard for most Canon’s competitors, but the company thought that Full HD support would be adequate for the users. A video shot in Full HD will turn out to be good, but 4K support would have geared the Canon T7i for the future.

Canon equipped the camera with 5-axis image stabilization with an aim of eliminating or minimizing blue when the user is shooting videos handheld. The system works on video footage solely – not stills. It will also work with any lens that supports IS.

Just as you expect with the T6i, the Canon T7i supports NFC and WiFi connectivity. For an easier transfer of photos from the camera to any other device, you might need to consider the Bluetooth connectivity. The Camera Connect App will help you control the camera and browse your photos remotely using your smart devices. It offers a user-friendly interface.


The Canon T7i is among the small APS-C DSLR cameras in the market today and comes with most of the entry-level options from Canon. Therefore, when looking at it without its lens off, you are likely to identify the extremely vulnerable area – the sensor and the mirror. Otherwise, the product does not boast many buttons. And for its durability, you will have to avoid exposing the sensor for extended periods.

At the top of the Canon T7i, you will identify several buttons and dials. If need to change the focusing point arises, you should use the ISO button to button right. The ON/OFF/Video switch offers an extra option.

On the backside of this camera, you will find a large tilt-swivel LCD screen, which is also touch capable. On this side again, you will find several buttons like the playback, WiFi access, and the white balance buttons.

The build quality

The Canon T7i is Canon’s entry-level option – or one of their entry-level options. Therefore, it feels like an entry level. It is not that solid but again, it is not bad. Even more, it does not feature weather sealing. So, you will have to be careful when using it.

Ease of use

Beyond the dials, which control parameters like the shutter speed and ISO, you will have to remember about the AV button, which should help you change the lens’ aperture. The best feature has remained to be the menu system, which is currently dominating the market. The device is easier to use.

The Autofocus feature

The Canon T7i offers a decent autofocus feature. Part of this feature has more to do with the offered STM lenses. The STM lenses are excellent and most people will consider them when shopping for a new camera. However, if you need to track your kids when running around or anything similar, you might need a better choice. Consider the 77D, which performs better in such tasks.

The quality of images

Overall, the Canon T7i produces great image quality. Both the ISO output and the colors are great, but you will not have a dynamic range. All Canon’s sensors, apart from the Canon 5DS, do not offer good dynamic range. You might, therefore, need to consider a different camera if the dynamic range is among your top considerations.

JPEG output

Most individuals who go for the Canon T7i only use the JPEG mode. The main reason behind that is that the product provides great JPEGs. You will not have any problems posting them on Instagram or Facebook. If you are a social media enthusiast, most of your followers will like the images you post.

ISO output

At ISO 4,000, this product is not very shabby. It provides great images for the screen, but when printing you should avoid printing very large photos. Most reviewers claim that the large images they printed were not impressive.


– It is lightweight
– It offers a good range of creative options
– Offers a good autofocus feature
– With the ISOs, the product offers quality images
– The battery life is fantastic


– The manufacturer does not offer a way of editing RAW files within the Canon T7i, which is the case you expect with most high-end cameras
– The Canon sensors are lagging behind
– The dynamic range might be the best

Bottom line

The Canon T7i offers a better sensor in addition to a better image processor. With the two features, it produces impressive photos of greater quality including when shot with the high ISO setting. Its user-friendly interface helps the beginner DSLR photographers learn how to use the camera and start taking better quality images. The absence of 4K video and plastic body is disappointing, but the Canon T7i bundle provides a wider range of features that come in handy for entry-level DSLR shooters.