Nikon D3300 bundle deals tips to save money


The Nikon D3300 is of the best entry-level DSLR on the market for 2018 according to CNet reviews. This digital camera is a bundle package sometimes come with up to 30 accessories to help you kick off your shooting journey smoothly. The Nikon D3300’s main target being the first time shooters as well as those who are willing to move from shooting using a smartphone to more advanced shooting- platform.

The camera has been equipped with 24MP APS and C-CMOS sensor located in the processor with full HD video coverage and autofocus system with 11 points.

The unfortunate issue is that the Nikon D3300 lacks Wi-Fi connectivity but it has Bluetooth feature to enable images transfer from your camera to your smartphone using the Snap Bridge app.

Nikon D3300 features

Bluetooth Connectivity

The NikonD3300 camera has Bluetooth connectivity feature which allows it to send images to a smartphone.

FULL HD Video Quality

This digital camera captures full HD video, thus making it best for video coverage by both beginners and seasoned photographers.

Autofocus System

It has high-quality autofocus system which has up to 11 points and can detect specified part targeted to be captured. This allows the photographer to capture a specific part of his/her target.

Easy to Use

Using this camera is easy. It has no so much complication thus making it best for beginners. Regardless of the photography skills, anyone can easily use this camera.

24 Megapixel

Nikon D3300 has CMOS image sensor which has no optical low pass filter thus leading to a high-quality image.

Nikon D3300 bundle tips

Nikon D3300 bundle

A Nikon 3300 bundle is the is among the cheapest options available for this model. It’s affordable and readily available in many shops. This camera may not be perfect in its job but whatever it does, does it well. The camera features a compact body, huge battery life, and solid –AF well as good quality image. The camera D3300 is very easy to use by anyone even the beginners without experiencing any difficulties.

I recommend this digital camera for a beginner who is willing to venture into the photography industry.